Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day Inspirations

There's nothing like a cozy snow day to inspire the designing mind.  In my area of North Carolina, we wistfully yearn for the rare excuse to celebrate a pure, crystallized play day.  I'm not so wistfully watching the formation of icicles as I know the longer they become, the more opportunity we have for a loss of power and I'm furiously working away on some new project proposals.

Ah, but back to the inspiration . . . 

(Click for larger image.)

While taking a brief survey of outdoor activities, I captured the frosted gazing ball in my front "flower-less" bed.  Through the glazed over surface, a color palette caught my attention - probably because one of the new projects on board includes a client who happens to love deep plums and purple.  We're also considering coppery, metallic washes and a rich/warm aesthetic.  I also suggested we punctuate some built-in's near her fireplace with some color. 

While we're not doing an entry, like the image above, I'm still cataloging it for the hue as well as I love the good use of a space where folks can hang up some coats and pull off messy shoes or boots.  It sets the tone for the next interior round, too.  

If you're in the path of the storm, stay safe and warm, but if you can, get out and about for some winter inspiration.  We'll make sure you have a lovely place waiting for your return!

All my best ~ Wanda 

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