Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Matter of Time

As much as I love being able to have a longer amount of daylight, I have to admit I do enjoy the one day, each year, an extra hour is gained!  I know it’s a manipulation of the hands on the clock, (or a digital update), but it still feels like a wonderful luxury, to me.

I’ll also share, I have a weakness for clocks – and not so much for the digital kind.  I think it’s a combination of the form and function as I enjoy the craftsmanship of each case and dial set.  For me, the tick-tock rhythm is like enjoying the presence of a comforting guest. 

lrgclock134I do love Swedish antiques and this clock and cabinet combination is no exception. A clever craftsman must have decided their customer needed to conserve space. What a great bedroom piece!  (You can find this at A.Tyner Antiques in Atlanta.)

clock%20000Mora clocks from Sweden.  No, this isn’t a typo . . . it’s the name of just one of the styles of tall case clocks, which can be found in the town of Mora, near the border of Norway.  Production on the clocks began in the late 18th century.  What a smörgåsbord! 

c494 c492 These French Louis XV clocks have similarities in the use of ormolu, or a method of heating and pounding metal to various shapes and forms, and it is often gilded, as well.  The clock, on the left, is referred to as a boulle design, as it contains inlay or marquetry to its wood case.  The clock, on the right, has been hand-painted with figures, often considered very fashionable, for the time. (King Louis XV of France, 1710-1774)

clockhouse clockhouse-2This English Folk Art Dove Cote with Clock conjures up visions of fairy tales and cottages.  Just look at the detailed carvings.  Don’t let the term “Folk Art” fool you.  This piece stands at 74” high and commands a price tag of $28,000.00!  Should this be your heart’s desire, it can be found at Antiques on Old Plank Road.  Circa, early 20th century.

img_0911(1)_t clock2 CL_000112 These Art Deco Clocks, (circa 1825 – 1940), showcase the use of Vinylite, (Plaskon) and celluloid materials.  This period occurred during a height of an international art and design movement.  Designs were considered to be modern, elegant and functional.  The clock, in the upper left corner, is commonly referred to as a “skyscraper” clock, as it exhibited a popular architectural design, such at that found in the Chrysler Building in NYC. 

Tall Case Clock - English

Copy of IMG_0964

A few years ago, I spied this beauty being advertised at a South Carolina auction.  It’s an English Tall Case Clock, (circa mid 1800’s), with a hand-painted face and simple inlaid details. I loved that the base was shallow so that it wouldn’t take up too much space in my foyer.  Well, a few flips of my auction number and you can see where it landed!  Does it keep the best of time?  Probably not.  Does the chime make me a little crazy at times?  That’s why I sometimes stop it.  Does it make me feel like I’m home, when I walk through the door?  Absolutely!

One extra hour of time? . . . What a gift and a treasure!

Wishing you cheerful moments!  Wanda


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How funny you did a post on clocks, not for daylight savings time, but because I was at Home Goods Friday afternoon looking for specific items and came across some clocks. They had nice mantel clocks and wall clocks, which I actually considered buying one of, but stopped because I really don't have a place to put one right now. I guess I like clocks, too! Love those Swedish ones you have pictured above.

Norbridge Antiques said...

This post has so much beauty all wrapped up in your designer's aesthetic view beginning with the restrained style of Swedish antique clocks. So many of the Swedish clocks in one place just take my breath away. Every one of these clock is a pleasure to see.

Froulala said...

enjoyed this post very much and yes, an extra hour (even manipulated), is indeed a luxury! what a gorgeous antique clock you have!
this post reminded me of the time when our clock flew across the living room during a bad typhoon many years ago....